Flickr account – Galleries and Sets

We have set up a Flickr account to showcase some more of our photos and allow multiple people to post photos of us here too.

The group page is here:

We have also added in some galleries to showcase photos from members of the public that we have found elsewhere on Flickr here:

If you have any photos you want to add to these groups or galleries, let us know

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Forthcoming Band Engagements

Forthcoming engagements will be highlighted here. For full details and a full listing of forthcoming band engagements, see our Events Diary.


30-31 Mar 2024

Le Carnaval
de Denain

nr Valenciennes, France

20-21 Apr 2024

Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet, Nabeul, Tunisia

25-27 Jul 2024

International Tattoo

Eksjö, Sweden

Full list of confirmed 2024 Engagements coming soon

For more information, see the Events Diary page